Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 3 Must Have Tablet Accessories

Ok, so my mind has been on tablets and their accessories since I saw the unveiling of the Barnes and Noble Nook tablet today. Which after seeing it has got me wondering and thinking about what are some of the best accessories out there for tablets. Most of us have a tablet of some kind whether it is a Galaxy Tab or an HTC or an iPad. So what are the three best accessories to have for any tablet (which can also sometimes be used on smart phones or laptops as well)? Well we all want a couple of basic things, protection, durability, and cordless. So here are the top 3 tablet accessories:

  1. Otterbox it! Seriously, I use otterbox for ever device I own that has a case designed from Otterbox. At Otterbox's Tablet and eReader selection, this is the place to find your tablet, kindle, eReader, or whatever you may have. Dont wait until it is too late to protect your tablet. Do it now, trust me, one drop of your tablet on a cruise in Mexico and that might just ruin your trip. Go Otterbox, or atleast some kind of case. GET A CASE!!!!
  2. Bluetooth Keyboard or Tablet Pins. Now days tablets can do more than most could have imagined just 2 years ago. Word processing, excel, powerpoint, journals, quick notes, you name it, you have to type it, on a touch screen. Well don't. Get a bluetooth keyboard for your tablet. You will be amazed at how much more productive and useful a tablet can be with it and you will never go back. Yes, the touch screens are improving and it is easy to use the touch screen for light use. But if you use your tablet more than 45 minutes a day, or plan on using your tablet for email, word processing, or other business for an extensive time, this is worth the pick up. As for the pins, those are great for those who love physically writing things down, but love the tablet as well. This gives you the ability to write down what you want, but leave behind the world of paper. Kinda cool and the technology and use behind it continues to grow as well. Here is a link to Amazon's selection of bluetooth keyboards, check them out if you have any doubts or questions, Amazon's Tablet Bluetooth Keyboards.
  3. Bluetooth headsets/headphones. No one likes cords, especially me. I am all about cutting as many cords as possible and with the solid technology out there now, use it. Beyond being able to cut cords, the cords are out of your way, almost like arent there, use the bluetooth the tablet has. The less cords, the more fun and portable the device can become. This obviously isnt a necessity, but I will emphasize the idea of less cords=happiness. Again, check out Amazon's Bluetooth Headphones if you have any questions or concerns on anything. 
I hope that these suggestions help you out when you begin to look for tablet accessories to help make your move to a tablet more enjoyable. As always, dont forget to follow me on Twitter @AppleGuesser or follow this blog on Facebook @Guessing The Apple. Thanks for being such awesome fans and readers. Peace!