Friday, March 22, 2013

Apple Prepping for a summer release of iPhone 5S? is reporting that they have spotted a pair of alleged parts for the rumored iPhone 5S. The parts seem to have been posted by Japanese vendor Moumantai, although that has yet to be confirmed. 

The first two pictures are images of the iPhone 5S Home button which looks almost identical to the home button on the iPhone 5 with the exception of the added flex cable used to connect to the main logic board. The cable on the iPhone 5S is slightly longer than seen in the iPhone 5 and is routed differently through the device's body. 

While these photo's do not give much away this point, they do point to two major points. The first is that Apple has been rumored to be adding a finger print sensor to the iPhone 5S. If these photos are in fact legitimate, then Apple is not going to add a finger print sensor to the home button of the iPhone 5S. 

The second major point is that this is our first real part leak which is usually a sign Apple is ramping up production of the next iPhone. While this could be a part from a prototype or a part from an iPhone 5 prototype, I tend to believe this is the real deal. If this is the case, we could be looking at a June/July or summer time release of the iPhone 5S. 

If the iPhone 5S will debut this summer, iOS 7 will be a good indication. Each version of iOS spends several months in beta form until public release. In the past two years, iOS 5 and iOS 6 spent the better part of 2 to 3 months in beta before being released to the public. At the very latest, Apple needs to have iOS 7 beta 1 ready by early to mid May for a summer time iPhone release. If they do not make this deadline, a rough estimate not a firm date, then Apple will more than likely release the iPhone closer to the fall.