Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why You Should Pay Attention to the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Today is the day that Samsung unveils the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which is a really big day for a lot of people that aren't necessarily big Apple fans. For Apple fans, this is an equally big day. You may be asking yourself, what is an Apple blog doing talking Samsung and that is a legitimate question to ask. The reason that Apple fans and Apple in general should take some notice is that Samsung isn't just sort of mentioning Apple is their target, no, they are going all out with a full home turf assault.

Unlike in the past, Samsung is releasing their new flagship phone not in Korea where their home base is, they are releasing the Galaxy S IV here in the good ol' USA in Radio City Music Hall. Furthermore, Radio City Music Hall is just a mere couple of blocks down the street from Apple's main store in NYC.  So basically, Samsung is coming into Apple's neighborhood and saying, "Hey, look, we have a waaayyy better device, better than Apple's boring iPhone."

While this attack may seem out of the blue, this isn't. Samsung in 2012 out spent Apple in marketing and advertising with their main campaign named "The Next Big Thing." While I am an Apple fanboy, no lying here, Samsung has done a masterful job of generating a perception that they are the future and the better option than not just Apple, but other companies as well.

I have to say I almost sided with the Galaxy Note 2 myself and if I am contemplating a switch, I know the average consumer is even more impartial and open to picking the most intriguing device to themselves. This is not to say that I am picking sides or one side is clearly better than the other. I think this is great that their are so many great options with the Lumia 920, Blackberry Z10, Galaxy III and the Galaxy Note 2, and the iPhone that you really can't go wrong.

Back in the day, you made a decision for a phone based off phones that didn't suck versus those that did. I remember the days of phones like the Samsung Impression or the LG Xenon that frankly sucked. They had bad touch screens, bad keypads, and bad OS. Fast forward to today, the options are the best we have ever seen. You can now make a decision  based off of a specific OS, design, screen size, or brand instead of  a crappy phone like the Impression versus iPhone 3GS. No matter if you go Blackberry, Windows, Android, or iOS, they are all great in their own unique ways.

Because their are so many viable options fighting for your contract extension, this threatens the iPhone. Why? Well back in the day, the iPhone was vastly better than any other phone out there. Not at first, I remember the orignal iPhone that lacked apps and 3G in a time 3G phones were normal. But by the 3GS, iPhone competitors were few and far between. But we live in a time where the Note 2 or Lumia 920 may be better for you than the iPhone.

Samsung knows that the market is wide open and is taking the fight to the streets. They have spent the last year changing the perception of Android and the idea that other phones can be just as good as an iPhone regardless of what Apple says through a very aggressive marketing push. That is why having the Samsung Galaxy S IV being unveiled in the US versus Korea is huge. Samsung is basically telling Apple, we think we can control this market, this is ours regardless of what you say. And in the year of the iPhone 5S, allegedly as we really have no idea what Apple might do, this might be a huge blow to the market share of the iPhone and the stock prices of Apple. I would not be surprised to see Apple's stocks dip 30 dollars from the opening price to the closing price.

Only time will tell how big this day will be, but I believe this is a huge moment in the fight for market dominance.