• Buyer's Guide for Apple

    Desktop Macs 
    - iMac: Buy!                                                       
    - Mac Mini: Wait!                                        
    - Mac Pro: Wait!

    Portable Macs

    - Macbook Pro: Wait!
    - Retina Macbook Pro: Wait!
    - Macbook Air: Buy!


    - iPhone: Buy!
    - iPad: Wait!
    - iPad Mini: Wait!
    - iPod Touch: Buy!
    - iPod Nano: Buy!
    - iPod Shuffle: Buy!
    - iPod Classic: Buy!

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    Desktop Macs

    • iMacApple updated both the 21.5 iMac and 27 inch iMac’s in September of 2013. 
      • Recommendation: Buy Now! Just Updated! Main upgrade, Haswell Processors!
      • Average Update Cycle: 335 days
      • Last Update: Just Updated! 

    • Mac Mini: Apple updated the Mac Mini in October of 2012. 
      • Recommendation: Neutral! Mid to late cycle!
      • Average Update Cycle: 381 days
      • Last Update: Late in Cycle

    • Mac Pro: Apple updated the Mac Pro back in June of 2012. New model revealed, but not yet released!
      • Recommendation: Don’t Buy! New model soon! 
      • Average Update Cycle: 427 days
      • Last Update: Late in cycle

    Portable Macs

    • Macbook Pro: Apple updated the Macbook Pro in June of 2012
      • Recommendation: Don’t Buy! Updates coming soon! 
      • Average Update Cycle: 267 days
      • Last Update: Late in Cycle

    • Retina Macbook Pro: Apple updated the Retina Macbook Pro in February of 2013. Updates possible for September/October of 2013!
      • Recommendation: Buy now! Just Updated!
      • Average Update Cycle: 134 days
      • Last Update: Mid Cycle!

    • Macbook Air: Apple updated the Macbook Air in June of 2013.
      • Recommendation: Buy Now! Just updated!
      • Average Update Cycle: 322 days
      • Last Update: Early in Cycle


    • iPhone 5SApple updated the iPhone in September of 2013. Brand New!
      • Recommendation:  Buy! Just Updated! 
      • Average Update Cycle: 338 days
      • Last Update: Just Refreshed!

    • iPhone 5C: Apple introduced the iPhone 5C in September of 2013. Brand New!
      • Recommendation: Buy! Just Announced!
      • Average Update Cycle: New Product!
      • Last Update: New Product!


    • iPad: Apple updated the iPad in October of 2012. Updates possible for September/October of 2013!
      • Recommendation:  Don't buy! Late in cycle!
      • Average Update Cycle: 311 days
      • Last Update: Late in Cycle

    • iPad Mini: Apple just released the iPad Mini in October of 2012. Updates possible for September/October of 2013!
      • Recommendation: Don't buy! Updates possible soon!
      • Average Update Cycle: New product!
      • Last Update: Late in Cycle! 


    • iPod Touch: Apple updated the iPod touch in September of 2013. 
      • Recommendation: Buy now! Just updated!
      • Average Update Cycle: 342 days
      • Last Update: Just Refreshed!

    • iPod Shuffle: Apple updated iPod Shuffle in September of 2010.
      • Recommendation: Buy if you want, no changes.
      • Average Update Cycle: 218 days
      • Last Update: Just Refreshed!

    • iPod Nano: Apple updated the iPod Nano in September of 2013.
      • Recommendation: Buy Now, just refreshed!
      • Average Update Cycle: 372 days
      • Last Update: Just Refreshed

    • iPod Classic: Apple updated the iPod Classic in September of 2009.
      • Recommendation: Buy it if you want it! Updates might not be coming.
      • Average Update Cycle: 307 days
      • Last Update: Very Late in Cycle 


    • Displays: Apple last updated their Displays on September of 2011.
      • Recommendation: Don’t buy! Updates coming soon!
      • Average Update Cycle: 399 days
      • Last Update: Late in Cycle

    • Apple TV: Apple last updated their Apple TV in January of 2013.
      • Recommendation: Neutral! Late in cycle!
      • Average Update Cycle: 376 days
      • Last Update: Mid to late in Cycle